Another 95 Theses

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Another 95 Theses

 4: If the “Spirit of truth” Jesus promised to his followers will guide them “into all truth,” it is reasonable to expect that those so guided will not be found in different groups with significantly different teachings.

19: The church’s membership comprises about 0.002% of the world’s population; everyone else who is mentally competent and has achieved some vaguely defined age of accountability it consigns to an eternity of screaming torture, a fate that eventually will be shared by almost all of the billion or so of the world’s children.

20: Surrounding every congregation are many thousands, even millions, of people who live out their lives believing in Jesus without ever having the slightest clue about these few hundred secreted away among them who are supposedly the only true Christians.

21: The church reduces Christ’s suffering and death to near irrelevance, making it utterly ineffectual in all but one of the tens of thousands of Christian denominations that would emerge over the next 2,000 years.

22: The church’s members are themselves condemned, in the view of millions in other sects that all make their own claims of being the one true form of Christianity.

23: The church is sustained not by persuasion but procreation, being freed from the need for interaction or even credibility with outsiders by its members’ high birth rate and the effectiveness of childhood indoctrination.

95: The church’s exclusivity claims are utterly irreconcilable with Luther’s teachings about the broad scope of the Christian Church and the means by which it may be identified, his criticisms of efforts to identify it as being restricted to one particular organization, and his defense of other types of Christians in different areas.